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International Postal Systems offers three kinds of international delivery services: Services From the United States, Services Into Canada and our Periodical Direct Injection Service

Services From the United States

Services Into Canada

Periodical Direct Injection Service

Services From the United States

Courier Express

Transit Time - Two to Four Days

An expedited delivery service utilizing international couriers, that will deliver your extremely time-sensitive letters or parcels which may require a proof-of-delivery. Courier Express service is monitored from the time of pickup through delivery, and expedites your packages for two to four day delivery to locations worldwide.

First Class Priority Airmail

Transit Time - Three to Seven Days

Your mail is given priority handling from pickup and processing through delivery. First Class Priority is the perfect way to distribute your international mail reliably and quickly at a cost-reducing rate.

First Class Priority mail is distributed via the USPS-International Priority Airmail program and delivered as first class mail by postal authorities worldwide. So all your mail will be delivered with a U.S. Postal indicia, and with your identity and return address intact. With priority handling at every stage, this service is ideal for the distribution of invoices, renewal notices, business correspondence, and other time-sensitive mail.

Premium-Air Printed Matter

Transit Time - Seven to Fourteen Days

The most cost-effective way to distribute printed matter which does not merit the higher cost of priority handling. Utilizing work-share programs with the USPS and other postal authorities worldwide enables us to offer international airmail at a significant discount. Just as reliable as first class airmail, this service is perfect for newsletters, publications, catalogs, directories and other printed matter.

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Services Into Canada

Canada Priority

Transit Time - Three to Five Days

A first class level of mail service into Canada, which is ideal when time and response are critical. Canada Priority Service mail is given priority handling from pick up through delivery. The mail is distributed through the USPS and Canada Poste minimizing transit times and maximizing your savings.

Canada Economy

Transit Time - Seven to Fourteen Days

Using Canada Poste Admail service or the USPS International Printed Matter service we can provide a reliable and economical delivery to every address in Canada. This service offers significant reductions in cost over regular postage rates into Canada, and is ideal for all types of printed matter up to four pounds.

Canada Direct Injection

Transit Time - Two to Eight Days

Your mail is sorted and flown to its delivery province’s major city, where it is entered into the Canada Poste as either first-class, or bulk mail, also known as Admail in Canada. We perform all sorting and permit stamping to facilitate the bulk discount. The minimum quantity for this service level is a 1,000 pieces of similar weight and size.

Canada Parcel Service

International Postal Systems coordinates parcel distribution between Canada Poste and our parcel-delivery network. We provide consolidated Canadian customs clearance, with distribution provided after clearance.

International Postal Systems will set up programs for your product injection into Canada. We will register your firm with Canada customs and have all of your materials categorized for duties and taxes, making shipping into Canada fast and easy.

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Periodical Direct Injection Service


IPSI’s Periodical Publications service was designed specifically for international distribution of journals and other publications.

Direct injection makes this service the fastest and most reliable way to get your publication in your subscriber’s hands. Your publication is registered as a time-sensitive periodical with postal authorities around the world, where our agents expedite customs clearance, ensure rapid delivery, and address accuracy.


Our agents specialize in periodical distribution. Utilizing hand-delivery routes in major cities and local posting for outlying areas, these agents get the job done faster and more reliably.


We airfreight your publication directly into the destination country, resulting in savings on over 85% of all periodicals. By combining your publications going into one country into a single shipment, we save the cost of many individual shipments, not only reducing cost, but also speeding delivery.

Transit Time

Publishers have traditionally relied on either ISAL or foreign postal authorities to distribute their work internationally. ISAL does not go to almost 100 countries, and foreign post offices route through foreign hubs adding both time and expense to your deliveries.

Because we are not locked into any single postal service, we are able to use the fastest, most economical routing available.

A Case Study in How Direct Injection Makes the Difference

In Washington D.C., an association received e-mails from a member at a large teaching institution in Argentina complaining that he had not received copies of their publication. Hearing of the problem, our agent in Buenos Aires called the local member, arranged to hand-deliver the current issue, and rerouted future issues directly to his office, bypassing the mailroom. Just one example of how Direct Injection and the personal attention of IPSI’s agents make all the difference.

And the e-mails? They continued, but you can be sure that they were of a completely difference nature.

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